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Individual Pattern Purchases - Australian-based Purchasers

Image of Individual Pattern Purchases - Australian-based Purchasers


This is a generic product set-up for any Australian-based purchasers of my patterns to avoid the new GST that will be automatically added to any Ravelry pattern purchase. Since I, as an individual small business, will not come anywhere close to the $75,000 threshold in sales, I am exempt from imposing the sales tax on this sales platform only. Your purchase will still be fulfilled through my Ravelry pattern store, but via an electronic gift sent to the email address provided at time of payment here. When making your purchase, indicate the name of the individual pattern (any one costing $5.00 in my Ravelry store) you are purchasing. Your download link will be sent within 24 hours of purchase. Please note THAT THE DOWNLOAD WILL NOT BE AUTOMATIC.